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About metastatic breast cancer


The information here will help to answer some of the questions you may have about metastatic breast cancer and your treatment, and help you to navigate your breast cancer journey.

You may have been previously diagnosed with early breast cancer and already received treatment for it, or you may have been diagnosed for the first time with metastatic breast cancer and never been diagnosed with breast cancer before.

Whichever applies to you, the following facts about metastatic breast cancer are the same:

  • Metastatic breast cancer means that a cancer that was originally in your breast has spread to other parts of your body1,2.
  • Unlike cancers detected at an early stage, metastatic breast cancer is a chronic, incurable disease1.
  • The goal of treatment is to prevent the cancer from growing and spreading any further and to help you live with your disease with the best possible quality of life1.
  • Everyone’s experience is different – you will not necessarily have the same breast cancer symptoms, side effects and treatments as someone else1.
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